Night Photography & Light Painting

Tips, tricks and secrets to improve your night photography

by Brent Pearson

Night Photography & Light Painting eBook
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Brent Pearson

I have been in love with photography for over 30 years now. Having a father who loved photography gave me access to knowledge and equipment from an early age.

With the advent of digital SLRs, my love for photography has been re-ignited with even more intensity. I don’t pursue a living from photography, I prefer to keep it as a passion and only photograph things that stimulate me and reward me.

Over the past two years I have moved down a track from into long exposure photography which inevitably led to night photography. The learning curve was challenging and there didn’t seem to be a lot of organised knowledge to accelerate my journey.. so I embarked on my own journey of trial and error.

It didn’t take long before I was drawn to the idea of painting landscapes at night with light. However there is even less information written about this topic. So after much experimentation and trial and error I started to get some interesting results.

More and more photographers started asking me about my techniques and I happily shared bits and pieces to help them on their way.

This eBook has been written to help anybody accelerate their night photography dramatically. I have shared my experiments and my learnings so that you can benefit from my trial and error and learn as much from my failures as I did. This eBook won’t just show you what to do, but it will explain why I have chosen a particular technique or approach.

I hope you enjoy it and join the the nocturnal photographic world.

Brent Pearson